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Gone are the days of yellow paper directories and wasteful online "premium" listings.
We make it our business to get your business the attention it deserves.



Want an effective online presence? We've got you covered. Our set-up is quick, and super easy. All you need to get started is basic company information.



We aren't a giant media conglomerate or massive corporation. We're a team of dedicated, and talented entrepreneurs that know exactly how to make your business successful online. We use high quality layouts, great content, and just the right mix of SEO to get your page noticed.


Introducing in-near.com, a new way to get a powerful local business presence online.

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Effective and Smart

We use proven methods to increase user interaction, and search-engine friendliness. When you list with in-near, you get an effective online presence that we're sure you'll want to renew, year, after year.


Easy Peazy

Information overload? Not when you list with us. We make it easy for you to get started, and even easier for your customers to get the information they need before making a purchase.


Unique? Check.

Traditional "premium" listings surround your business with other businesses. It's like you're paying to send your customers elsewhere! When you list with us, there's only one business on the page- yours.

It's time to stand out from the crowd

One of the more challenging tasks in the business world is differentiating your products and/or services from the other guys'. We get it, and that's why we only sell 1 listing per area. When someone in your area searches for what your company provides, we make sure you're the first thing they see.

Don't have a website? You no longer need one. Already have a website? We'll help drive people to it. Think of us like that guy who directs traffic when there's construction. Except we send the cars into your parking lot.

Let's "Break it down"

  • Easy for you & your customers
  • Listings that make sense
  • Complete coverage
  • Single-business on a page
  • Concise, useful information
  • Your customers will see you
  • Dominate the search results
  • We handle the nerdy stuff

Why are we so popular?

If you're happy, we're happy

We love helping local businesses grow. It's like we're the farmer, and your profits are the crops :)

We celebrate the future

Don't want to get all "techie"? That's okay, we handle the nerdy stuff.

Make more, and spend less

Our listings will save you a ton of money (when compared to other online advertising solutions) and you'll have more time to focus on other things- like running a business.